Parables Studio Teams Up on New 3D Animated Show

After years of specializing in 2D computer animation, Parables Studios is making the leap into the world of 3D with its latest serialized project pilot, ‘Tales by the fireside’.

The purpose, as disclosed by the director, Cycil Abban is to take the art of traditional folklore storytelling to new heights in Ghana. The pilot episode will be a beautiful blend of both 2D and 3D techniques with jaw-dropping results.

The studio is making this possible through the creative collaboration with outstanding names in Ghanaian animation. While the studio team will be at the helm of affairs with the 2D aspect of the project, an amazing ensemble of highly skilled animators like Godfre Grant, Bertil Tobby Svanekiaer and Mandez Qac, will be in charge of 3D animation. Together, this great team of talented minds with wealth of experience will reintroduce Ghana’s greatest folkloric character of all time, Agya Kweku Ananse, with a 21st century twist. The first episode, "Ananse and the Pot of wisdom” promises to be not just exciting but innovative, educative and ground-breaking...and oh, add a little bit of inventive thoughts and trickery to that...after all we're talking about Kweku Ananse.

Coming soon, with exclusive premiere on Koliko+. Follow us for more updates and behind the scenes

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