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Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Parables Studios is set to launch its online subscription-based streaming service, KOLIKO+ that is destined to be the first of its kind with a special focus on animated contents in Ghana.

With a well developed culture of promoting, maintaining and documenting rich Ghanaian traditions, KOLIKO+ is designed to be a repository of the very best in African animation and graphic novels that represents the African narrative. These will include amazing in-house productions as well as external works from across the continent.

With a mission to organize top-of-the-funnel animation films, thought provoking Indie films and comic books, KOKIKO+ will undoubtedly be a trial- blazer, making locally , high quality animated works available not only to Africans, but to a global audience.

With its catchy slogan; “Best in African contents in one click,” KOLIKO+ is set to become a house-hold name across Africa.

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