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Our full-service animation studio, based in Accra aims to produce

animated content and shows with a global appeal that tells the

African story from the African perspective.

Since the release of 'Ananse must die', 2007, Ghana’s first animated

feature film, the studio has worked tirelessly to push the boundaries

of the animation industry in Ghana through the production of a host

of animated contents for TV shows, music videos, commercials to

building one of the most loved kids theatrical brands in Ghana, ‘Time

with Ananse live on stage’.

The ‘Time with Ananse live on stage’ show has not only succeeded

in becoming the perfect platform to promote the screening of locally

made animated content but also helped to revive and preserve the

rich Ghanaian culture of storytelling through its engaging dramatic


If you love genuine African stories, then welcome to the right place.


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Our in- house team of dedicated artists are available for commissioned

projects ranging from poster designs through illustration for kid’s books

to animated video production for commercials, music, explainer videos

and series.

Just give us a brief, the rest is our success story. From concept to final

product, we will deliver a top notch product to match your budget.

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