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The Jesse Mills of 'Asantewaa' animation and video games.

Updated: May 21, 2021

Spotlight on Jesse Sunkwa-Mills, C.E.O and Creative Director of Mills Media, the makers and producers of 'Asantewaa' (Heroes of the Past). Meet a graduate of the University of Education Winneba with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design doing awesome works in Ghana.

You have quiet an impressive set up with amazing young talents busily drawing their way through the day. Thanks. It's the normal routine here at Mills media. We are a creative hub owned and solely operated by young professionals. We offer graphic and web design, digital illustrations, animation, corporate branding, social media marketing and event planning for varied customers.

I’m curious to know what’s currently in the mill now.

Our current project is titled “Asantewaa- battle for the golden stool” which is a maiden project under a mother project dubbed “Heroes of the Past”. The project is aimed at presenting the great Ghanaian men and women who have contributed to the Ghana’s history to the world in a modern and exciting way. This project creates a merger of our history with modern art and technology through the production of animated series and video games.

Your character designs seem more of superhero versions

Yes. The project seeks to create a pantheon of Superheroes with characters based on actual Ghanaian women and men who in one way or another contributed to the Ghanaian story.

We employ the use of comic illustrations, animations and video games to tell the stories of these great personalities as the heroes that they are. It presents the lives and stories of our great past heroes to the world through interesting dialogue and fictional graphic representation which will make them more relatable. This way you do not only read about our history but we also present visuals to save you from having to rely on your imagination.

Brilliant approach to education. Your Winneba school must be proud of you. lolol. I get your drift.

Why this path if I may ask?

Well, research has shown that the average African or Ghanaian child has little or no knowledge of our traditions and culture. This is mainly because they had been exposed to a lot of western materials. They have developed a mindset that makes the African or black person inferior to the white man. This is a clear situation we hope to change and our contribution is through this project

Awesomeness. So are we looking at a line of merchandise based on this project?

Yes. We have published and officially launched the comic book and video game already. The team is currently working on the animated series to be released soon.

I’m truly excited to see how animators are making this conscious effort to project and promote our culture and history. Great initiative and congrats on your 'Asantewaa' video game launch. Thanks bro

At this point I can wish you nothing but this, that you may meet your right investor to catapult you into the envisioned level. Oh! I take am

Cheers to the mills!

"Asantewaa" game is available for download on google playstore and Appstore. Abeg play some. Help the brother go far.

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