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Updated: Mar 28

In the month of December 2023, 26th to 27th, Parables Animation Studios (PAS), Producers of Ghana's first-ever animated feature film and environmental superhero animated series, proudly powered yet another ground breaking event, the 'ANANSEKROM TOON FESTIVAL (ATF), Ghana's first-ever cartoon festival! This was in commemoration of the tenth (10th) anniversary celebration of their renowned "Time with Ananse Live On Stage" theatrical shows at the Silverbird cinemas every year.

ANANSEKROM TOON FESTIVAL (ATF), is a 2-day festival to celebrate Ananse projects/our folklore using both traditional & advanced forms of communication. The event featured art and craft exhibitions and workshops, panel discussions, live folkloric music, poetry and storytelling, animation screenings, puppetry, sip and paint sessions and other engaging activities.

The festival was grandly opened with a short ribbon-cutting ceremony at Potbelly Shack, East legon, by the Legendary Hugh Quist, aka ZINGARO, Producer of the famous "Akwadaa woko hen?", Dr. Wale Okediran (Secretary General of Pan-African Writers Association), Anthony Awuku, (CEO - Potbelly Shack LTD), the "Anansekrom Toon Festival" Director, Cycil Jones Abban, and Manager, V.T. Albert Tetteh Amafu, among many other dignitaries and friends from the media.

Right after the opening ceremony, the dignitaries had a quick tour of the event grounds led by V.T. Albert Tetteh. It was a dumbfounding moment for most as they were taken through the various sections of the event grounds displaying exceptional creativity and versatility of various cartoon artists.

Preceding the many activities to be held at the festival grounds was the "Panel of Legends" session, an awe-inspiring discussion with the Legendary Hugh Quist of  ZINGARO Productions and Dr. Wale Okediran (Secretary General of Pan-African Writers Association). They shared loads of wisdom with respect to the Past, the Present and the Future of Ghana/Africa's animation and creative industry, spiced up with their life's story.

The discussion was facilitated by V.T. Albert Tetteh and ended with a fun-filled Question and Answer session. All scheduled activities outdoor and indoor commenced right away and surprisingly, the parents/caretakers of the many children present could not hide their anticipation.

The "Color on My Wall" activity, Sip and Paint, Art/Craft and Animation workshops and screenings, the Caveman Experience (taking everyone back in time in a very dark cave-like room with key details), "Lend Your Voice To Animation" voice contests, Art and Cartoon exhibitions among many other exhilarating activities run throughout the daytime.

The animation workshops, facilitated by Parables' Martin Dzakobo (Senior Animator) and Caris Tachie-Menson (Animator/illustrator) were an eye-opening experience for both the young and the old as everyone present had firsthand experience of Stop Motion Animation and more. Each session was a full house with parents even signing up their children for more workshops/activities after the festival. 

Also, a special Student Animation Screening session was held for student film producers from the National Film and Television Institute/University of Media, Arts and Communication. It was super inspiring having the Legendary Alex Bannerman (Director of Ghana's first-ever animated commercial & Managing Director of Akroma Productions LTD) present throughout the session. He lauded the students and passionately shared his experience with everyone. He also encouraged all the parents to keep exposing their children to the worthy contents produced within Ghana and the African continent.

Each day of the festival was crowned with a night-time Live Folkloric Music and Poetry performances, Storytelling by the fireside coupled with drama and dazzling display of puppetry and musical narratives. Major animated feature film screenings and discussions were not left out.

December 27, day two of the ATF had upgraded versions of the daytime activities and an all-new night-time mode for the  storytelling sessions by the fireside among other outstanding performances

The President of Animators Association of Ghana, Mr. Samuel Quartey, blessed everyone present with his presence as he took time to engage with every cartonist/animator/artist and some parents

The very peculiar nature of the 'Anansekrom Toon Festival' was quite astonishing to all who joined in this historic moments in our motherland, Ghana.

Above all, the festival was super fun for children and adults alike with something unique for people of all ages, and promises to be greater in its next. An unforgettable experience it was! Ghana, get ready!!

ATF is proudly powered by Parables Animation Studios (@Parables_Gh) and officially endorsed by the Ghana Tourism Authority and the "Beyond The Return" Initiative.

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