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Two weeks ago, Parables Animation Studios (PAS), the producers of Ghana's first-ever animated feature film and cartoon festival dubbed, '28TH THE CROSSROADS' and 'ANANSEKROM TOON FESTIVAL' respectively, gladly hosted 100+ students and teachers from the Design & Technology Institute (DTI) in their studios as part of DTI's educational tour.

Their energy and enthusiasm on arrival cannot be described. It was an astonishing moment for them on entering the studio. To some, the atmosphere alone is enough to go back to school without further engagements. Awe-inspiring! #ParablesAnimationStudios

During their tour, team Parables shared the history of PAS and the Ghanaian animation industry, exposed them to new softwares together with detailed/practical ways to excellently create animated contents and have worthy collaborations to better the narratives.

The Q&A session was an extra eyeopener for them. Necessary questions were asked and they got satisfying answers. To crown the educational tour, PAS screened some animated shorts that actually fired them up to always aim to be the best in all their dealings. Amazing feedbacks!

Great having the future of GH animation over and sharing our experience with them. The future can only be brighter.

These and more are what we passionately do at PARABLES ANIMATION STUDIOS because we so know that the artist is not a special kind of person; rather each person is a special kind of artist. EVERY BEING IS AN ARTIST!!

2024 at Parables Animation Studios will be like never before witnessed. Follow us on all social media platforms and also subscribe to our YouTube channel, PARABLES STUDIOS, for exhilarating projects.

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