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We are digital picture storytellers. Experts at crafting engaging stories through cartoon illustration, animation, and staged theatricals.

The vision of Parables is to provide family entertainment that is forward-looking without compromising faith and norms that define the African.

From the digital screen to the live stage, we aim to engage our audience, kids/family alike in simple, vivid and fresh stories designed to impart knowledge and good social behavior in a fun and exciting way.




The age old classic tales of the legendary folklore hero, Kweku Ananse and other exciting characters come to life in this compilation of exciting illustrated and animated stories once told by the fireside.  "Anansesem ooo...!"


Woven around the the lives of the three WWII veterans, Sgt. Adjetey, Corp. Attipoe and Prvt. Lamptey, whose expectation of coming home to a life of honor and respect is dashed when they walked into a life of failed promises and despair.

















A planned peaceful march to present their petition to the Governor turns tragic at the crossroads leading to the castle, when Police Officer Imry fires six shots into the crowd!

The film based on the 28th February, 1948 Crossroad shootings recreates the events leading to the incident and its triggering effect on the struggle for independence in and beyond the shores of the Gold Coast.

History lessons just got fun!

Parables Studios / Animation Africa

Cast: Adjetey Anang, Godson Quacoo, Eldad Wontumi, Tendai Okraku.

Director: Jones Abban  

Screenplay: Jeffrey Abban

Animation Supervisor: Alex Bannerman

Executive Producer: Samuel Quatey  

Music: KODA

PG  /  60 mIn  /  4th August, 2021


MIGHTY JOO, the Environmental Crusader series offers a fun and learning opportunities for children on salient environmental issues. Kojo Balima, Alta ego Mighty Joo, is on a mission to defend and protect the environment from the enemies of the country’s 'Green City' agenda. From illegal mining practices to public littering, Parables’ Mighty Joo offers an African solution to an African environmental challenge in an exciting action packed adventure.



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