Meet BERTIL, GH's amazing 3D Character animator behind Jayso's 'Have a party' clip.

Gh animation spotlight, we meet up with Bertil Tobby Svanekiaer, Founder of Ooto studios and co founder/creative director at indigene BROS.

Ok, so you stepped out of NAFTI with a BFA in 2D animation, and here you are, a 3D animator.

lol. Yes. Somewhere along the practicing line, I fell in love with 3D animation and decided to explore the new art style further with various character designs and modeling. Over time, I have become more of a 3D generalist/character animator and I think I’m loving it.

I'm loving the products too. Classic. Is that to say it’s the end of the road with 2D?

No. I am still engaged in 2D stuff like the ‘Azumah’ project which I acted as creative director for the film. A couple of years back I also got the chance to work on the pilot episode of ‘Foodies’, a real life-animation mixed family show intended to teach kids on nutrition. Aside working on a few 2D elements of the project, I handled most of the VFx and 3D animation components.

You’ve been pulling off a number of amazing character models and videos. ‘Have a party’ is a masterpiece.

Thanks. Interestingly it won 'Best Story' award at the '4syte music video awards'.

And I recall you being the first winner of the newly introduced animation category of the MTN Apps Challenge.

Yeah, that was another awesome moment for me and the team.

So what motivates you?

I believe I am motivated by my childhood. As you can see in the ‘chasekele’. I Like to go back into my childhood times to excite my creative juices.

2021. What are we to expect from the 3D guy?.

I am currently working on a remake of the ‘chasekele’ film project which is so dear to me. We will release some details in due course, but it’s going to be epic.

I have no doubt judging by the art piece. seriously, with a talent like yours in Gh, who'll need a Disney for entertainment in a few years to come?

Kwerrrrr. lololol...pressure!!

We got Tobby in frame! Anticipate! and Call Otoo Studios for your 3D animation needs. These guys will sort you out clean

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