Mills Media shares first Asantewaa 3D animated movie teaser and stills

Updated: Nov 7

Directed by Jessie Sunkwa- Mills, the 'Asantewaa, Battle for the Golden stool' project marks the continued effort by studios in Ghana breaking out onto the global scene with high end quality contents. The 3d space currently in Ghana has been typified by skits and shorts. Asantewaa promises to break the stereotype, giving you a 3d film crossing way way beyond the usual 2mins shorts. This is worth the applause since it gets to set the craft of animation on the local front in a more serious perspective.

The history themed movie is based on the story of Yaa Asantewaa, Queen Mother of Ejisu, who rose in the 1900s in defense and protection of the Golden Stool, which symbolizes the unity and soul of the Ashanti kingdom.

The Asantewaa character is a reimagined version of the queen mother, endowed with some exciting super natural powers that enables her face off the British colonial advancement against the kingdom.

According to Jessie, the director and lead at Mills Media, the idea is to create super hero figures out of our historical leaders to make history learning for kids fun and engaging. 'Asantewaa, the Battle for the golden stool' is the pilot episode of a series being produced under the brand, 'Heroes of our past'.

The movie is being produced with an exciting list of voice cast that promises nothing but fun and awesomeness.

The art director, Audrey, together with the rest of the team seem to be enjoying their roles, despite the challenging nature of producing content that seems to be another history in the making, after Studio Parables' animated feature '28th, The crossroads (2022), for animated contents in Ghana.

Anticipate official release date soon, but do expect some fun for the family this year 2022!


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