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Time with Ananse show, v8 edition set to feature two of Ghana's best animated films

Wonderful news! Brace up for some fun and learn adventure at this years’ Time with Ananse Live on Stage' show. 'Time with Ananse' is a kid’s theatrical styled classic presentation of Ananse/traditional stories in cartoon, animation, drama puppetry etc.

The show, in its 8th year running, has been hosting talented storytellers delivering interactive, engaging tales intricately interwoven with great lessons to promote tradition, culture and morals.

Unique to this show has been the showcase of Ghana’s animated contents with the aim of growing the love for animated films made in Ghana by Ghanaians as well improving theatre attendances.

From the lovable Ananse stories to ‘Mighty Joo’, the environmental superhero, Parables has brought joy and fun to the kids. The animated characters and superhero franchise continues to grow with new add-ons that never ceases to blow minds of both the young and the old.

This 2022 edition is braced to celebrate two of Ghana’s groundbreaking animated films; ‘28TH THE CROSSROADS’(parables) and ‘ASANTEWAA’ (mills media), starring Adjetey Anang and Nana Ama McBrown respectively. Additionally, Parables is set to launch a new cartoon series for pre schoolers, "Values with Sung, by Pascaline Songsore at the show.

“We want to expose our young audience to the much needed authentic and super rich Ghanaian animation entertainment. Something that is culturally relevant and easy to relate to. Indirectly, we are rebuilding the culture and love for theatre attendance in the children." says Cycil Abban, producer of the show.

So, this December, if you are a parent who is looking to introduce your children to entertainment enriched with Ghanaian and African values, then head to the Silverbird Cinemas, Accra mall, this festive season and be a part of this years’ Time with Ananse Live on Stage scheduled for Monday, 26th December(boxing day), 2022 at 2pm and 4pm. grab your ticket for a cool ghc50 and enjoy the best in kids theatrical entertainment in Ghana.

this year's staged drama will feature Kweku Ananse entagled in a sticky gummy situation for trying to be "too smart". certainly interwoven with loads of moral lessons for all.

Most definitely, the interactive style of the storytelling interlaced with infectious traditional folkloric tunes makes this an unforgettable experience for the young and old audience alike.

It will undoubtedly be either ‘OMALE’ or ‘LEKE-LEKE’ lingering on days after the show. You’ll come back for more with lovely testimonies. Obaatu!


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